Playstation Portable

Sony's first portable system was released in the US in March of 2005.  This awesome handheld challenged the Nintendo DS for dominance and many gamers enjoyed the power of this new handheld.  It was pretty cool to play GTA or God of War on the go, and still is!  

The PSP games we sell have been inspected for scratches and game shell damage.  Replacement snap-on game shells may be used to replace defective game shells.  Game discs may have some minor scratches but nothing that will impede gameplay.  All games come with a 90-day replacement warranty for defective units.  Please note all games in this section are disc only unless you have the option to choose different levels of completeness.  You will see multiple prices for a title if it has the instruction manual or the box or if there exists label or cartridge damage (writing, big tears, extensive wear. etc.).  All of the games in this library are officially licensed Sony products, no reproductions or fakes.