Sega 32X

The Sega 32X was released in late 1994 and provided Sega gamers with a taste of 32-bit gaming.  The majority of 32X games were cartridge based and fit into a peripheral (32X) that attached to the Sega Genesis console; however some 32X games required the Sega CD too and were labeled Sega CD 32X.  The Sega Saturn was released about a year later and stole some of the life of the 32X so there weren't too many games produced for the system.  We are happy to have some in stock.  Most of our games are cartridge only or disc only and in very good condition.  Label is clean and intact with minor wear.  The Sega CD 32X games may have some minor scratches but nothing that would impede play.  You may be able to view various levels of completeness or condition by using our pull-down feature and selecting the desired item.